Neo Park- bring yen or starve


Neo Park is about an hour north of Kadena and a good way to spend half the day. Taylor and I made the drive with a couple of friends. We took the expressway up, although later realized it wasn’t necessary. I was originally worried about not having enough time there but 3-5 hours is sufficient amount of time (depending on how long you spend fishing).

The entry is less than 10 dollars, but you pay for everything else inside. They only take yen there so make sure you pick some up before you arrive as there is not an ATM on site. An ATM can generally be found inside a Lawsons (best store for snacks!).

Overall, our experience at the park was a good one. However, there were some parts that made me sad. There was a petting zoo (which cost and addition 300 yen per person or 500 to fish and pet) where you could pet and hold guinea pigs, dogs, a llama and a turtle. I’ll just say that some of those dogs didn’t look too happy. But I don’t want to focus on the negative.


(real guinea pig sitting in a desk. And a couple Chihuahuas hanging out with some turtles)

For 500 yen you could pet some animals and you get half of slice of bread for fishing. Catch and release of course. In the 10 minutes it took us to catch one fish, the little girl next to us caught 3! Kids and adults could have fun spending some time here. The man working the little area was helpful and I would say that it was almost guaranteed that you would catch a fish.


At the entrance we also bought some breadcrumbs for 200 yen to feed the birds inside the park. There were lots of birds and I was even able to feed a flamingo!

Overall, we had a great visit at Neo Park. Unfortunately, I can not say much about the food because we ran out of yen at the petting zoo. This also means that we weren’t able to go in and see the monkeys but we did see one from afar and a lemur through a glass window which was pretty cool 🙂

We didn’t anticipate not being able to eat while inside and were starving by the time we finished! We finally found a Lawson’s and pulled out some yen then headed up the mountain for pizza and a view!


The restaurant was called Pizza in the Sky. I would highly recommend stopping here if you’re in the area. Try not to come as hungry as we were though because the wait was about half an hour. And you might also end up over committing to an entire medium pizza (they have to go boxes…thankfully!). Well worth the wait! Make sure to try the acerola juice!


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