If I ever open up a yoga studio it’s going to be called anjanaeasana, like anjaneyasana, because I have to take advantage of the fact my name resembles a yoga pose.

I took my first class so long ago, but it wasn’t the start of my love for yoga. My first yoga class was me in downward dog wondering why the instructor called it my resting pose…downward dog is not an easy pose to hold! I continued to take a few classes here and there because I was determined to learn the “cool tricks” that are always popping up on my news feed on pinterest.

During our second deployment, I befriended another wife, Christiana, who’s husband was also leaving with Taylor. Christiana and I became really good friends this deployment, spending most of our time at barre or yoga classes together. This is where my love of yoga came from. What started out as a desire to get a good workout in, ended in me falling in love with shavasana! No, I do love shavasana (who doesn’t?), but it was the quieting of my mind that I fell in love with. For that hour of yoga, my mind was quiet from the everyday worries, to do list and anxiety.

My yoga journey continues today. I’ve learned that yoga is not just about the poses, but also about the mind and the spirit. Yoga truly changed my life and I am a much better version of myself now then I was before I started.



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