Cape Hedo

I took a road trip to the northern most point on the island, Cape Hedo. I decided to drive on the west side of the island taking route 58.

Taylor flies in a Huey so I get so excited when I see a helicopter fly overhead.


I had to stop and take photos here!


Two and a half hours later I finally made it! Cape Hedo was well worth the drive.

There was a little cafe there with a cute seating area, but I decided to wait to eat because I was craving ramen…


I could watch the waves crash all day. Like the rest of the island, Cape Hedo is beautiful. What makes it special is that you can see the South China sea and the Pacific Ocean come together here.


For the most part there is some kind of barrier (rope, fence) on the cliff sides, but don’t get too close, it’s a long way down.


I have yet to do research on these tiny statues, but they seem to bring peace to this cliff side.


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