Date with myself!

I wasn’t sure how this one would go. I actually do a lot of things by myself even though I consider myself an introvert (my friends laugh when I say that out loud). I try new classes together and I go hiking by myself and I enjoy it! My husband once told me that it’s something he admires about me. He says it’s great that I’m not scared to do things alone, but the truth is, I never really thought of it as something to fear. I suppose I’ve been a little nervous, but I’ve never thought that I shouldn’t do something because of it. I know the feeling of walking into a room by yourself and feeling like you don’t fit in and everyone else already knows each other, but I can also tell you how much fun I have even when I don’t know anyone. I don’t think enough of us do things alone. Think about all the things you don’t do because maybe you don’t have anyone to them with. Why not do them alone! Take a class alone, go out to dinner, go to the park, or an amusement park or the movies. The worst that can happen is you spend the day alone and the best thing that can happen is you make new friends or have good conversations with strangers. The worst is still actually great! I spent the day alone today.

I’ve never gone to the movies by myself, but I did today! I went to work and then I took myself out to dinner and a movie. As I was walking up to the box office I saw a couple walking in wearing sweats and looking all comfy and all. What a good idea! Next solo movie date will be done in my most comfortable clothing. I watched Midnight Sun. If you like romantic movies like The Notebook then you’ll love this movie. There were just a couple of people in the theater. I laughed and I cried. Perhaps, next time I go see a movie by myself, I will watch a comedy or an action because it was just a little awkward sobbing at the movie theater by myself! But otherwise it was a great evening.  🙂 I’ll definitely do that again!

Date with myself


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