Take a trip out of the country

April 1

With planning, this one was able to happen. A trip to celebrate one of my bestest friends for her birthday at the end of March and staying until April 1st. It was great checking this one off with her!

This morning I woke up in an oasis in Mexico. The most beautiful views and weather I could ask for. My friends and I left on Thursday and spent the most relaxing three days camping. Imagine a canyon covered in palm trees and campsites with their own personal hot springs.

What a great day it is when you crawl out of your tent and into a hot spring. With summer right around the corner, we couldn’t spend all day in the hot springs so we hiked out to a waterfall where the water was freezing but refreshing. So much natural beauty to enjoy and I quickly forgot about any worries on my mind. It’s the feeling of your shoulders relaxing and the wrinkles between your eyebrows disappearing. It’s the mind at ease when there is literally nothing on the to do list. I’ve known about this place for a while and I can’t believe it took me so long to go visit. One hesitation in going has probably been because my husband hasn’t been able to join me. And while I missed him this trip, I am so grateful for great times with friends.  Another hold up was also the concerns of my family members who suggested Mexico might not be the safest location to travel to. This might be true but I truly believe that danger can find you anywhere you go and I knew that I wasn’t putting myself in a dangerous situation. I was with friends that I trust and who are very familiar with the area.

First check in the box was a success!




Take a trip out of the country 


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