Golden Birthday

My Golden birthday! On the 26th of April I will be 26 years old. Eek! Last year I turned a quarter of a century old and it felt like a pretty big birthday celebration. I spent my birthday in Spain after all. I didn’t imagine that 26 would warrant an equally as big celebration because it’s one of those weird birthdays that isn’t quite celebrated like 18, 21 or 25. BUT! Then I realized it was my GOLDEN BIRTHDAY. I think it’s a sign to remind me that it’s privilege to grow old and continue celebrating each and every year.

In honor of my Golden birthday, I am going to do 26 things in 26 days. I am going to do 26 things that have been on my “I’ll get around to it” list. Some of them you might wonder why they’re on my list and some might also be on your list. But, all of them are important to me and are on MY list.

The goal is to accomplish one task everyday. In order to do this, I will use my planner to make sure I’m creating time in my day. I have a tendency to be more spontaneous than a planner, so we’ll see how this goes!

So here’s the part where I share my list with you, but I don’t have it all together yet. My intention was to have it all, but I didn’t plan it! I was busy checking off my first item (next post)! In case you’re curious, my list comes from old journals and planners or posts that I’ve saved from online.

So here’s to 26 years of life and celebrating my Golden birthday!


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