a reminder

A couple photos from my walk through the park.



These photos show just how fast the weather changes. Rain did end up coming down so I walked underneath the trees which protected me from getting wet. I don’t mind a little rain though! IMG_0209IMG_0210

I’ve been sick but I finally felt well enough to go outside. This park is only a five minute drive from the house, or a couple mile jog. Next time I think I’ll jog the extra half mile to the park. There’s a cute little trail as well as an open grass are right  next to the beach. There’s also a baseball and soccer field! A great place to spend an afternoon.



I’m really glad I decided to come back to the park I drive by so often. It’s a nice reminded to slow down. Previously, I’ve been in too much of a hurry to pull over and see what the park had to offer. It’s okay to pull over sometimes or go off course. There’s a couple other restaurants or scenic points that I’ve skipped over because they weren’t in my plan for the day. What am I missing by not slowing down?


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