When I left work last Friday, I did not know that I would be boarding a plane that evening on my way to Japan. I had made a couple packing lists (scattered among my many notebooks of course), bought some traveling essentials, and took my suitcase out of storage, but I was no where near ready to board a plane. With just hours to pack, I panicked and threw all my favorite clothes in my suitcase, referencing just one of the lists I made….

I said goodbye to the fam and Huey and headed out. I wish I could have brought Huey with but I’m not sure he would have enjoyed the plane ride very much.

I made it on my flight! I took advantage of the 10+ hours on the flight to adjust to my new time zone. I successfully managed to sleep 6 hours of the flight. I was very thankful to have an exit row with two empty seats next to me. I wouldn’t have been very great company anyways. I woke up once to eat and then fell back asleep.

I landed in Tokyo but still had another flight before reaching my final destination of Okinawa. Unfortunately, I was not aware that Narita airport and Haneda airport were about an hour away from one another. When I boarded the bus to Haneda, the man there told me, and I quote, that it was nearly “impossible” to catch my flight. That was the longest hour of my life. Somehow, I managed to get there in time!

Finally I was in Okinawa. Okinawa’s where my husband, Taylor, has been for the last 3 months on a deployment. Reuniting after extended time apart is the best. Everything feels new and exciting again. Perks of military life. He was there waiting for me with one of his friends. After giving him a huge squeeze and thanking his friend for picking me up, I was told, “don’t thank us too soon, the van is overheating and we might not make it back.”

And my adventures here begin!

(We stopped at a gas station and fixed the car problem and made it back safe!)


    • Yes! This is our third deployment together and I was fortunate enough to be able to come for an extended visit. Last deployment I met him in Thailand for 10 days. Deployments are hard, but we try to make the best of them! We don’t have any children, only our Huesters (dog) and while I miss him, I thought I’d take this opportunity to travel 🙂


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